Sutra Spray Sajadah Raudah

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Sutra Aromatherapy Sajdah Spray: RAWDAH 

Vol: 100ml

Sajdah, is an innovative new product inspired by the fragrance nuances from the Middle East, creating a product which is poised to cater for the Middle East and local market. “Sajdah” is a multi-purpose spray which is best applied to the “sejadah” or prayer mat, creating the right ambience for the performance of prayers. Infused as well with anti bacterial properties, it also helps to cleanse the surface where the “sujud” will be performed”. Available now with two fragrances, Raudah & Rumi, Sajdah by Sutra serves as a spray to create a sense of serenity and it can also be used as a room spray for ambience besides its principle application to fabric.

Sutra Aromatherapy Sajdah Spray: Rawdah

Vol: 100ml

Haruman Sajdah Rawdah diinspirasi dari aroma wangian ruang Rawdah, di Masjid Nabawi. Manakala haruman Rumi diinspirasi dari aroma wangian kain Kiswah Kaabah. Diformulasi dari minyak pati yang berfungsi  sebagai anti stress, bersifat menenangkan, anti bakteria dan paling penting tiada pengunaan Ethanol. Disembur di sejadah, telekung, songkok atau ruangan solat. Bagi yang pernah menjadi tetamu Allah pasti sajdah spray menggamit kenangan anda disana. 

Isi Kandungan/ Ingredients: Aqua, PPG-1 Trideceth-13, Fragrance, Melaleuca altenifolia

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